About Us

We are a U.S. based Dragon Culture Communication LTD offering a high quality selection of original hand-painted Chinese paintings, Chinese, Japanese and oriental scrolls, and Chinese calligraphy artworks, all with artists’ signature. We do not sell prints or manufactured art.

Additonally, We offer hundreds of handmade, competitive, affordable and unique Chinese folk arts and crafts, including Battik, Fabric Craft, Heavy Color, Peasant Painting, Mask, Wood hanging,Wood carvings, Straw knotting, Wind Chimes, Doll, folk art Kit, and so forth.

All the art sold on this website was purchased from artists and craftsmen in Asia. We do not buy from manufactures and retailers.

Please feel welcome to Contact us with any questions and suggestions you may have about our products or services.You suggestions and views are our priceless treasure.