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fa1004 the Eight Diagrams
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Size:13 " X 24"(33cmX60cm)

Materials: Satin, Cotton, Hand Embroidered

The the Eight Diagrams hanging is an ingenious handmade craft made by a chinese folk artist,including Yin Yang diagram and 12 absolutely hand embroidered animals by a deft folk artist: Rat-Ox-Tiger-Rabbit-Dragon-Snake-Horse-Goat- Monkey-Rooster-Dog-Pig.

The Eight Diagrams symbolize the eight natural phenomena: sky, eath, thunder, wind, water,fire, mountain and lake.

The Chinese animal signs are a 12-year cycle used for dating the years. They represent a cyclical concept of time.A cultural sidelight of the animal signs in Chinese folklore is that horoscopes have developed around the animal signs, much like monthly horoscopes in the West have been developed for the different moon signs, Pisces, Aries, etc.

The design is symmetry and very pretty for wall decor.


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