- Folk Art Collector Kit, Originally Handmade
chinese ink & watercolor painting, chinese scroll, calligraphy and folk art

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Chinese Folk Art Collector Kit! Paper-cut, Jade, Clay, Gourd Painting...
Length: 39 cm (15.3 inches)
Width: 26 cm (10.2 inches)
Material: Flax, Paper, Bronze, Jade, Fabric, Clay, Straw
Condition: Excellent condition, handmade and hand cut,or hand embroidered

The Chinese Folk Art Collector's Kit Box includes almost all Chinese famous folk art items: Paper-cut, Jade, Gourd Painting with Chinese opera facial patten, Clay sculpture, Fabric Craft, Straw craft, Bronze ware, shadow play, Folk painting and Chinese knoting.

It's a perfect kit box for collecting Chinese folk art, showing among friends, or useing as precious culture present. Actually, This kind of kit box has been used as the diplomatic present to other country's government officials or organizations by Shanxi province's government already.

The listed kit includes one book of 12 absolutely hand-cut animals by a deft folk artist: Rat-Ox-Tiger-Rabbit-Dragon-Snake-Horse-Goat- Monkey-Rooster-Dog-Pig, and 12 animals' stamps, one bronze ware, used as burning glass in ancient China, one folk clay sculpture with a tiger figure, one Gourd Painting with Chinese opera facial patten, which has painter's name in the reverso and was used as Apotropaion in ancient China, one Jade sculping with a cock, one handmade fabric craft, one shadow play with traditional lady's face, one folk painting under the paper-cut book, one handmade straw craft and one chinese knoting.

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