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wc1005 Barrel Wind Chime
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This chinese handmade Barrel Wind Chime with Hieroglyphic has strong exotic decorative effect. It fuses chinese exquisite handcraft, the most ancient letter - hieroglyphic, and calligraph.

The top of the wind chime is a straw hat knitted by a deft hand, dangling with painted wood beads, 4 painted wooden spoon with hieroglyphic letters and corresponding chinese simplified characters calligraph, a special shaped and painted wood barrel with chinese calligraph in hieroglypic and chinese simplified characters, and an imitating antique cast iron bell with beautiful designs and chinese traditional characters.

Hieroglyphic is the most ancient letter in china, now still used in chinese "Dongba" minority. The Hioroglyphic and simple characters in barrel means " Long Lasting Love", and in wooden spoons mean "Happy", "Fun", "Safety", and "Loyalty" respectively.

The bell's sound is sooth and peaceful, and it concentrates on one single sound rather than a jumble of different sounds.

You can make your home, indoor or outdoor, eye-cathing by hanging one in room or in patio! It also can be used as a pleasent gift in birthday party, wedding party, Christmas etc.

Dimensions: 11" X 5.5"(28cmX14cm), this bell measures 28 cm or 11 inchies in height. 14 cm or 5.5 inchies in diameter.



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