Butterfly Tapestry

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Size:26″ X 35″(65cmX88cm)

Material: 100% Cotton,Handmade

Decorate your wall with Chinese Handmade Batik tapestry Wall Hanging : Butterfly Tapestry.

This Batik tapestry is hand-painted using the ancient ‘La Ran’ technique. Known contemporarily as the ‘wax dye’ technique, this ancient art form hails from the southwestern regions of China. It involves applying wax on fabric to prevent certain areas from absorbing the dye. As the process is repeated, an intricate pattern begins to emerge.

In the painting process, the dye penetrates cracks, naturally formed by the shrinkage or knead of the coagulated wax, and engenders unique decorating grains to the batik. Because the crack lines differ from each other, no two batiks show identical appearance even with the same pattern.

The piece is double-backed for additional strength and stability and features a loop on top for the insertion of a hanging rod.

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