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Artist: Hao Lu
Width: 63 cm (25 inches)
Length: 30 cm (12 inches)
Style: Watercolor & Ink
Paper: Rice (Xuan) paper
Condition: Excellent condition, handpainted on rice (Xuan) paper.
Guarantee: We guarantee it is authentic painting by the artist and has painter’s signature.

About Artist: Hao Lu, vice president of Qinfeng Painting and Calligraphy Institute. the member of Chinese Artists Association, member of Chinese Calligrapher Association.

2002, he was awarded the first place in “Mainland of China and Taiwei’s Fine Art Exibitation”.2000, he was awarded Gold Medal in “the Famouse Artists of China in the Century”, hold by Chinese Culture Ministry.1998, his painting volumes ” Hao Lu’s flower and bird painting selections”, “Hao Lu’s expressionism style of Chinese painting selections” was published. 2000, his “Moon dream” was selected to “Chinese Painting Starts’ Artwork Exibitation” in Hongkong. 1998, his art piece “Fresh air” is awarded the Silver Medal in ” Chinese Famous Artists Invitation Exibitation”, hold by Chinese Culture Ministry and Chinese Artists Association. 1996, Chinese painting “Nature” won “Chinese contemporary ink and watercolor excellent art work”, hold by Chiese Fine Art Center, Taiwei and Hongkong Culture Promotion Center. 1996, his two painting were awarded excellent art work prize in “the 5th Chinese Painting, Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Tournament”, and ” Chinese Paintings Contest for Saluting 97 Hongkong’s Reunion”, hold by Ministry of Culture. 1994, his “Happiness” was awarded the excellent artwork prize in “Chinese the 8th Fine Art Exibitation. 1990, His art piece “Cat” participated “Chinese Contemporary Paintings’ Exibitation” in San Francisco.

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